Instantly Improve the Efficiency of Your Site – The Ryvet Way

Over and above having a fast site with eye-catching graphics and well-written copy, what else can you do to get a potential customer to stick around?

Is it possible to influence a user’s decision to purchase your products or services?

The answer is yes, and we’ve developed a solution to help you achieve this.

Attracting the Right Customers the First Time Around

Receiving a positive response to your website and offering starts with reaching the right customers. This is where geo-targeting, the first portion of our solution, comes into play.

Using a customer’s IP address, we ensure your site is reaching customers in the correct countries, cities, and areas.

Simply knowing where a user is located opens the door to a number of other personalization possibilities. It also results in a substantial increase in the likelihood of converting a user.

It doesn’t end there though. Once a client reaches your site, engagement becomes critical, which is where the second portion of our solution fits in.

A Smarter Way to Engage with Customers

Why is it that the average American adult spends over 12 hours on social media every day?

It’s because social media is built around you. It’s built around your demographics, location, and interests. So, when you login to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account, you’re met with people and content that’s relevant and engaging.

It’s this concept that we bring over to our clients’ websites.

Once we know where a user is located, we are able to serve them very specific content, including case studies, region-specific products, images, customer testimonials, and more.

The result? An increase in brand trust and sales.

How we achieve this is with CDN networks.

Using the CDN network closest to a user’s location, we are able to present them with content that speaks to their demographic profile and interests. Ryvet’s smart website components are what make this possible. What’s more, these components help reduce CDN costs thanks to the geolocation capabilities.

By showing the user exactly what they want using different targeting parameters, we bring a social media level of engagement to your site.

At Ryvet, we are focused on building your business with the help of customer-centric solutions.

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